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The Bible is God’s message to man. When the Holy Spirit quickens the words, the power that saves is enabled. Rom 1:16. John 6:63. Therefore – going through “The Epic Journey” – I refer a lot to Bible verses in footnotes, for it is my hope that you yourself will go to the Scriptures and find its treasures. Moreover like the noble men in Berea you need also to examine, whether or not I am telling the truth.  Acts 17:11.

Use of Bible references
     If the cursor – or finger – hovers over a link to a Bible passage, the text will pop up. The Bible New International Version is selected. It is also important to study the context in which the scripture appears – and consider to whom it is written, because if a single verse is taken out of its context, one can make the Bible say almost anything.

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About Me

Who I was

If you watch the video My Crazy Story, and read Sin’s Consequence, you will understand what kind of man I was. In spite of my former life, God forgave my sin and saved me.

Who I am

Through sanctification, God is working out his salvation in me in order to shape me more and more in the image of Jesus Christ, as described in A Life in Victory.

Who I will be

It is my hope that you and I may reach the (physical) resurrection from the dead, as outlined in Man’s Resurrection.

May God see you – and always smile.
In the love of God

Disciple of Jesus Christ